The Trail of the Cow (Book)

The trail of the cow

The dilemma facing the cattle-keeper is not a simple one. On the one hand, there is the promise of the realization of such profits as the Long Horned Ankole Cattle can never yield in the short-term. On the other, however, is the very real need to maintain the correct natural balance, so that resources that are our heritage are not lost on our call.

Enkoora y’Ente book (The trail of the Cow) is both a clarion call to action and a practical proposition for an economically viable community wide conservation effort:

  1. To revitalize indigenous knowledge in order to tap into a knowledge-base of cattle management developed and used successfully over many centuries, by our predecessors, and
  2. To consciously, deliberately and methodically craft a sustainable natural resource use model that, in the long-run, will ensure both prosperity and biodiversity conservation using locally available resources.

“The trail of the Cow” proposes on how to reopen abandoned archives of knowledge in their original forms without risking retrograding from ongoing cultural trends.

The book proposes and elsewhere that in most of the actions and functions of the Long Horned Ankole Cattle (LHAC) keeper communities (even with other traditional cattle keeper groups in East Africa and elsewhere), in their anecdotes and in the names of their country-sides lay a rich collection of experiences and practices of cattle and biodiversity management. Since most of this knowledge is not documented, a necessary first step will be in the production of written archives. “The trail of the Cow” is just the first determined step towards the realization of this major goal and we currently have the book written in the Runyankole language and we look forward to have it translated to English for a wider readership.