Rigumaho Cultural Home & Campsite

Rigumaho cultural home and campsite is found in Rwakobo Cell next to Lake Mburo National Park. The cultural home offers a a wide variety of activities and events. While at the cultural home, guests are treated to the best of traditional food, traditional activities and traditional housing.

The traditional foods range from organic ghee and organic honey and many other food stuffs in the home. The memory these foods live within the visitors taste buds can’t be erased by time. 100% Raw and Organic Produce: Whole Milk and Skim Milk, Natural Yoghurt and Curd Cultured Ghee and clarified Butter, Pure Raw Cheeses and Colostrums. Organic pastures produce 100% grass-fed raw milk of super premium quality are some of the few products our visitors are treated to.

Organic Honey

The visitors are also treated to traditional activities like pottery and milking of animals at the farm. This is to make the visitors stay here much more memorable.


While still at the campsite, the visitors get treated to traditional huts for accommodation.

Visitors have an opportunity to see the long horned ankole cattle.