Iziina Rirungi Rigumaho Association (IRRA-Rigumaho) is running a cow protection and conservation centre/farm namely Cow Protection Conservancy Uganda (CPCU). The farm area will be conserved and protected to promote sustainable conservation, pastoralism and agriculture (SCA) for community education and sustainable development.


CPCU Center will be rooted in innovative authentic and sustainable agricultural endeavors Enoch Rutsigazi (Executive Director, ED) has put together to preserve the heritage of his family. His family belongs to leading keepers of the Ankole cow. The people of Ankole have kept the long-horned cows since time immemorial hitherto by primitive methods. In 2008 Nasasira Livingstone (RIP) and others founded IZIINA RIRUNGI RIGUMAHO ASSOCIATION LIMITED (RIGUMAHO) to promote an improved and integrated farm system supported by a basic value chain in a nature-friendly agricultural practices context, which emphases sustainable conservation agriculture (CSA). Rigumaho‘s CPCU will promote an organic farm complex, Uganda’s first agribusiness/ agritourism facility whose capacity it will tirelessly develop to achieve certified organic pastures and produce. The facility will be located 4 hours from Kampala, on a privately owned property (about 600-acre of land) in Kiruhura and Mbarara district in western Uganda. Mbarara and Kiruhura is referred to as the ―land of milk. Here the Ankole cow is much treasured most. It is here that CPCU focuses its operations to grow agritourism.