Programs & Activities

General overview.

We are a community based organization working with small holder farmers in the cattle corridor of Uganda, to conserve and improve the productivity of the Longhorn Ankole Cattle (LHAC), through selective breeding,  to build and maintain a sustainable, vertically integrated diversified agricultural hub for the benefit of the farmers and the environment.

Ongoing and Upcoming Activities.

  1. Fundraising and donation drive to acquire 640 acres for purposes of setting up a breeding stock hub, sustainable farming practices, Community training center for small holder and model farmers, guest cottages etc.
  2. Organic conservation Agriculture training.
  3. Rigumaho Associations’ (Enkoora Y’Ente) book translation into English.
  4. Bore hole/deep water well  construction to help the Cattle and the community  during prolonged dry seasons and as also means to get safe water for the community.

Community Outreach Program Teams (COPTS)

  • Organize participatory workshops to select the communities/ farms to participate in the project.
  • Identify the communities / farms; select LHAC that meet the required traits and for high milk production.
  • Organize participatory workshops to develop the characters to be selected and select the LHAC that meet the traits requirement.
  • Train community leaders in improved animal husbandry.
  • Selection of cows on the basis of milk yield and the removal / culling of low milk yielding cows.
  • Train farmers and community leaders in breeding principles.
  • Establish community sources for breeding stock, that will be stocked by our CPCU farm for national and international education and research.
  • Target women, Youth, producers, traders, public and private services providers, regulatory bodies, policy makers involve them in the project.

Disseminate information and create awareness through different media houses bout the innovation and the need to conserve what is left of the LHAC and train the public in conservation agriculture in addition to finding a special market for small holder farmers dairy products.