Appeal for water support (GO-SAVER)

We are seeking in fund a total of $4,435 = Ushs.15,877,300 and this is the breakdown; $3,850 for 24000 litre Water Tank, $420 for plumbing and installation, $165 for transportations. This is urgently needed because our Association received a donation of 8 cows from African -Inter African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR), therefore your support to this cause is very important and will help popularise your objective of saving Cows which are weak and can’t walk long distances in search of water and from marginalisation and being subjected to slaughter and terminate their life to satisfy our ego that we humans are more superior to them. It should be noted that Only Cows can sustain modern civilisation.


It should be known to you also that during the prolonged dry seasons which is acute in this area, even at present, that sometimes runs for 1-2 years, water availability becomes a big challenge as a jerry can of unclean water can be bought at 1000ugsh almost half a dollar, this is too expensive for small holder farmers who depends on farming alone as the main stream for survival and for our Cows now.

The purpose for our appeal to you is to request for your humble and kind support to acquire water for our cows and for community poor who can’t afford to buy water daily for their basic needs and maintenance. This will also help the community and farmers and our project of Cattle protection to strengthen our strategic initiative creating awareness on saving these Cows on slaughter list, supporting the well being of the small holder farmers/ people in the community.