Agritourism is point at which agriculture and tourism intersect. This includes farming activities that bring about visitors to the farm or ranch. While at the farm we have many many activities going on ranging from crop growing to cattle rearing to processing of organic foods from the crops and animal products.


Visitors often times visit the ranch to experience different things like how it feels to be around the indigenous long horned ankole cattle. In Uganda rigumaho offers visitors a chance to see and experience what is left of these cows; how they are kept and taken care of and what products they offer.


This offers visitors a chance to be educated, entertained, discover, dine and shop among other activities. The visitors are given guided tour around the farmland and cattle ranch by our trained guides. Thereby learning how cattle and crops co-exist and benefit from each other organically. The organic co-existence of crops and animals brings about learning experience like how the cow dung can be used to create manure for crops which crops in turn are used as fodder. Also the dung is used for biogas generation for use around the farm.

The crops and animals also offer the the visitors a dining experience. The crops grown here are used to make the local indigenous dishes which leave their taste buds yearning for more. Even much more better is the cows at the ranch that give out milk thats used to make among others local indigenous milk flavours, organic ghee, cheese and butter.

Then come the ornaments made from cow horns which offer the visitors a shopping experience. Out of the horns are beautiful ornaments created; these can be used as jewelry or used as souvenirs to remember you memorable time with us at farm.

So the next time you are around please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and we shall make you time here a memorable one.